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Epesi Academy offers free tutorials, guides, documentation, and provides technical support to Epesi BIM user community how to:

  • Use Epesi efficiently as an end user, such as managing your tasks, email, calendar, phone calls, documents etc.
  • Administer Epesi, such as creating and deleting users, importing data, configuring mail server, translating Epesi, etc.
  • Develop new modules and applications for Epesi using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, applying RAD, no-code and low-code approach.

Epesi Business Information Manager, or simply BIM a.k.a. Epesi CRM, is a cloud native free and open-source application that helps businesses organize, process, and store information. It is a tool with multiple features that simplifies internal communication and makes workflow more efficient and let's you work smarter - not harder. Epesi BIM is an enterprise grade web-based CRM/ERP that allows businesses to store, organize, access, and share business records and is used worldwide for over 15 years by businesses and organizations spanning multiple time zones allowing remote only or hybrid office work.

Epesi PHP framework allows agile, fast, light, and rapid development of CRM and ERP type of business applications. Used and trusted by technology startups, small businesses, medium size enterprises, government and NGO organizations as well as by individuals trying to organize and control their life.

By enrolling into Epesi Academy, you will gain knowledge, know-how and hands-on experience in the following areas:

  • Open source software development: You will learn how to contribute to existing open source projects or start your own, using various tools and technologies such as PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, and GitHub.
  • Low-code and no-code customization: You will learn how to use Epesi BIM's built-in features and modules to create custom forms, reports, workflows, dashboards, and more, without writing any code or with minimal coding.
  • Web application administration: You will learn how to install, configure, secure, backup, and update Epesi BIM on your own server or cloud platform, as well as how to manage users, roles, permissions, and settings.
  • Web application development: You will learn how to extend Epesi BIM's functionality by creating your own modules, widgets, themes, and plugins, using Epesi BIM's API and framework.
  • Agile practices: You will learn how to apply agile principles and methods to your learning process, such as Scrum, Kanban, feedback loops, retrospectives, growth mindset, and fail-fast approach.

Epesi BIM was released first in 2007 on SourceForge under very flexible MIT license. It's 100% free and open-source and can be used by any company, organization or individual with unlimited users. Your custom designed applications built on top of Epesi BIM can be packaged and distributed as complete business application royalty free. Development of custom modules can be done in any environment you like including bare text editor.

Epesi BIM is a perfect choice as a kickstarter for your DIY on-premise CRM or ERP, for startups and small businesses and regarded by users as excellent open sourced and free replacement and FOSS alternative to Sale$force and other commercial and expensive CRM as SaaS solutions where you don't own your data.

Example of low code development in Epesi PHP framework
    defined("_VALID_ACCESS") || die('Direct access forbidden'); // - security feature

    class Custom_HelloWorld extends Module {
        public function body() { 
        print('Hello World!');


Visit "Hello World!" Tutorial for detailed instructions.

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Epesi Academy can help you develop valuable skills that can benefit both your personal and professional growth. You can also join a supportive community of users, administrators and developers who share their knowledge, experience, and ideas through online forums, blogs, and social media. To enroll into Epesi Academy or learn more about it, please visi

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We promise to be as tireless in answering your questions as we are for Lukasz2401. Our DevOps Team answered already his 647 posts in 202 discussions since he joined Epesi Forum in February of 2014.

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Open Source Excellence Award


Epesi project was launched in 2006 with a goal to create a modern, agile PHP framework and a Kickstarter for database driven, cloud native web applications.

Epesi evolved greatly and now provides RAD • no-code • low-code tools for busy PHP developers, IT professionals and business managers around the world.

Thanks to modular architecture and HMVC logical structure it can be easily customized and extended. Basic CRM functionality can be enhanced via custom fields, custom translations, or extra modules, which can be downloaded from an integrated Epesi Store and installed with few mouse clicks only. Custom developed ERP system in the cloud can be now build by anyone with even basic PHP skills.


Manage data precisely, flexibly, and easily with this lightweight, fast, and very easy to use CRM. It and has very small hardware requirements - you can run it anywhere: even on Raspberry Pi Zero with 1 CPU and 512 MB of RAM! It is compatible and it was tested with every operating system in use today including Linux, Windows or OS X and every modern browser like Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, and others.

Epesi CRM was initially released on SourceForge in 2007 and received The Open Source Excellence badge when the open source project has reached the milestone of 100,000 total downloads for the first time.


Epesi is ENS
Epesi is Not Software
Epesi is Enterprise Nervous System


Epesi Academy and Epesi BIM are funded and maintained by Epesi, a privately owned Independent IT consulting and software development company servicing clients in Greater Philadelphia and Worldwide since 1996.

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