Free and Open Source CRM for the cloud age and a Kickstarter for rapid development of custom ERP solutions.

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-epesi /ɛpɛsi/ - Swahili =>
• -agile • fast • light • quick • rapid • swift

Epesi BIM (Business Information Manager) is a fully functional web CRM/ERP application to store, organize, access and share business records. Manage your data precisely, flexibly and easily, simplifying internal communication and making work-flow optimized and more efficient.

Epesi has been designed as a Kickstarter for new projects and provides "no code" and "low code" Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment for end users and developers. It's ranked as the best open source CRM alternative to Salesforce by DIY IT professionals.

Great software! It does what I need, and it is easy to use.
The devs have managed to make lots of features
accessible from a simple to use interface.
One thing I look at with FOSS is how
long the project has been active.
Epesi has been actively developed for a long time.
The devs are in it for the long haul.
Epesi is rock solid, and so are the people behind it!

- pmaxx (Reviewed at SourceForge)

For more reviews at SourceForge click here.

Epesi is a cross-platform web application, with modular architecture, running on top of ubiquitous LAMP stack, with the goal to deliver modern cloud technology in CRM and ERP area to small enterprises, so called Small and Medium Businesses (SMB market). It has been released as Free and Open Source (FOSS) code under MIT License. Epesi was designed and is copyrighted and maintained since 2006 by Janusz Tylek ( GithubLinkedIn) and Karina Tylek (GithubLinkedIn) and many paid developers who worked on this project. In addition a community of users also contributed some code, but most importantly a great number of translations.

D‌o you know that almost 95% of open source projects are no longer maintained after a year?

Epesi estimated project cost: According to Open HubBlack Duck Open Hub
Codebase Size 449,485 lines
Estimated Effort 120 person-years
Estimated Cost Over $ 6 mln USD

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Here you will learn how to install, use, manage, customize Epesi and how to develop new modules using RAD no-code and low-code methods and build a custom ERP application for your business.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of open source software and already existing solutions. Epesi was translated by User Community into approximately 40 languages and was successfully deployed and it's used for many years by hundreds of businesses around the world saving them thousands of dollars in monthly per user access fees. Epesi Store provides a "click and install" easy way of adding additional modules and we have over 60 of them, some free and some available at very affordable rates saving you a lot of development time and money. All modules come also with a source code, therefore it's easy to use them as templates and customize to fit your special needs.

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