The top of the screen has a menu bar that contains:

Menu Bar


The menu is located in the upper-right corner of the screen. It shows the list of all modules accessible by the user in EPESI. Menus can have multilevel submenus.

Menu List

To access frequently used modules a user can:

  • Create Quick menu
  • Customize icons in Action Bar on the Dashboard, and / or
  • Add the module to the Launchpad

The customization is done via: Menu -> My Settings -> Control Panel -> Quick Access.

Control Panel Quick Access

You will find a list of all installed modules there and you can turn then on/off using the checkbox. When finished click on Save button in the Action Bar. Note: there is a limit to how many icons you can show in the Action Bar - this depends on your screen resolution. For screen in 1024x768 pixels you should be able to fit five (5) icons in addition to Home and Launchpad icons which are permanent.


The home button opens your home page. By default your homepage is set to Dashboard. You can change this setting by clicking Menu -> My settings -> Set home page while being on the screen which you want to be displayed as your new home page.

Menu Bar Home


The about section shows current version of application and informs about available updates.

Menu Bar About

Module Indicator

The Module Indicator shows in what module you are in and what action you are performing. It will show if you are browsing records, viewing or editing a single record in full view.

Menu Bar Module Indicator