Using Database

To execute any SQL query you can use DB static method Execute:

example: DB::Execute('SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE myfield=5');

While passing any argument to Execute you should use syntax similar to printf to preserve system safety:

example: DB::Execute('SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE field1=%s AND field2=%d',array($field1,$field2));

Moreover, there are functions that simplify some tasks or grant flexibility. Functions you may find most useful are:

    'id I4 AUTO KEY,'.
    'name C(64) NOTNULL,'.
    'user I4 NOT NULL',
    array('constraints'=>', FOREIGN KEY (user) REFERENCES user_login(id)'));

Table creation should be usually placed in Install.php file, in install() function. Along with table creation you should also add table deletion in the same file within function uninstall(). To drop a table you can use function