Using ActionBar

ActionBar is a module that displays buttons at the top of the screen. To add a button to the ActionBar you need to call the following function:

Base_ActionBarCommon::add($icon, $label, $action);
Notice: Despite the fact you are not creating module instance
        you need to mark ActionBar as required by your module

The $icon argument specifies which icon should ActionBar use for this button. Here you have the list of icons currently available in epesi default theme:

  • home

  • back

  • report

  • calendar

  • search

  • folder

  • new

  • edit

  • view

  • add

  • delete

  • save

  • settings

  • print

Second argument, $label, defines text that will be displayed on the button. And finally argument $action defines action that will be performed if the button is clicked. Simplest way to create new action is to use one of the 'create_href' functions.

For example, to create button that will launch module method _deleteentry, using icon delete and description Delete you can use the following:


Where $lang is object of Base/Lang module. Please note that hidden translation should be used for ActionBar button labels.