The EPESI Store is a place to go when you want to extend your EPESI with additional functionalities. There you can find custom and premium apps, obtain licenses for them, and download their contents. These apps are extensions to the core CRM functionality, that address specific needs of different kinds of businesses.

Access the Store

You can browse and obtain apps in the Store directly from your EPESI, provided you have a Super Administrator clearance. To access it, go to Administrator.

Administrator Panel

Then choose Modules Administration & Store

Control Panel

This will bring you to the EPESI Store


Installating New Apps

Downloading and installing apps is simple and many are completely free!

The app you choose to install wil have a dropdown button that displays the price.


Select the dropdown and click "Obtain license"

Obtain License

Paid Apps

Campaign Manager Purchase

Select the dropdown and click "Buy". A screen will appear prompting you to pay through our PayPal payment service (no PayPal account necessary)

Pay with PayPal

After paying you will receive an Order Summary

Order Summary

For more information about billing please read our Payments section

A message will confirm the app is ready to be downloaded and installed

Purchase Successful

Next go to the My Purchases tab

My Purchases

Select the dropdown and hit "Download"

Download Restart

The app's dropdown button will now change to "Available" and the option "Install" will now be available

Available Install

A message will confirm the app is installed

Install Confirmation

The app's dropdown button will now show "Installed" under My Purchases and the app will now be under the Installed tab as well

App Options

If for any reason you would like to remove an app, select the dropdown option "Uninstall"